Monday, August 15, 2011

Pinay Scandal

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The Pinay Scandal campaign has been successful for few years already. A lot of bloggers' post about it are in the top pages of the search engine result pages, especially that of Google.

Now, there has been rumors that the initiator of the campaign is calling his followers to delete their Pinay Scandal posts.

Well, the Pinay Scandal campaign was started to wage war against those webmasters who are selling adult materials featuring Filipinas. Filipina is actually a slang term used to call women in the Philippines.

Now, after hundreds of bloggers joined the campaign, some benefited from it by getting traffic from those who are looking for scandalous materials.

But take note that those who are accepted in the campaign are those blogposts which are clean and for general audiences. Those who are giving links to real adult websites are rejected in the campaign.

They said that one of the participants were penalized by Google because of his post about the campaign.

But do they really know the real cause of it?

I have a friend who participated the campaign and whose blog was penalized by Google. I checked its content and I found out that it should be penalized because the way it is written seems promoting the real scandalous materials.

So, how can we avoid the penalty of Google? Simple. Just revise your content into a kind that general audience can read it. Don't talk about the scandalous act. Don't even give links to real adult websites.

In that way, you can gain from the Pinay Scandal traffic and at the same time avoids the penalty from Google.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Play Facebook Cafe World

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Do you have Facebook account? If yes, have you heard already about Facebook Cafe World game?

If not, then it's now the right time to start playing the game. It's fun.

What you need to do in this game is create your own cafe, hire your friend to work for your cafe and be the cook of your own cafe. After that, you can show your creativeness by designing your own cafe through the wall paint and decoration, flooring, table and chair arrangement, stove and serving plate arrangement and other things which is not just a fun but will let you learn something from it.

You'll learn how to budget your cafe coins and cafe cash. It's because you'll be using it to spend for the decorations, cafe chairs and tables, cooking foods and other cafe related devices. And most of all, you'll need these in the expansion of your cafe.

To start with, read the Facebook Cafe World Cheats.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Jewel in the Palace will be Back at GMA7

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Soon as the transfer of Claudine Barreto to the GMA7, the remake of the Jewel in the Palace was announced too. At si Claudine Barreto daw ang gaganap dito.

To let you know, I love the original "Jewel in the Palace". Maganda ang storya, maganda ang pagkasulat, maganda ang pagka-portray ng characters, ... lahat halos maganda at very touching din.

Ngayon na si Claudine daw ang gaganap sa main character, nag-aalala ako baka mababoy lamang ang "Jewel in the Palace".

Pero let's give a chance, ika nga, si Claudine Barreto at ang GMA7. Malay natin, bigatin ang magiging resulta.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Riebeek-Kasteel, Jewel of the Swartland

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A visit to the picturesque town of Riebeek-Kasteel, north of Cape Town, will provide you with a truly unique South African experience. Simply follow the N7 out of the city and once you've reached Malmesbury, follow the sign-posts to this quaint one-horse-town. Barely an hour's drive from the city, the village is situated against the slopes of the Kasteelberg (Castle Mountain), in the heart of the Swartland region.

Apart from the natural beauty of the Riebeek valley and the dramatic surrounds of the Swartland mountains, there are many attractions to visit in the area. The Swartland is well known for it's superb wines and olives and Riebeek-Kasteel and the surrounding valley is a perfect example of its fruitfulness.

Situated right at the entrance to the village, is Kloovenburg - a beautiful Cape Dutch estate with excellent wines and olive products. Park under the century-old oak trees and visit the Kloovenburg cellar for a taste of their world-class produce. Here, wine maker Pieter du Toit produces outstanding red wines and the estate is especially well-known for its first-rate Shiraz. Du Toit's wife, Annalene is the olive expert and is responsible for the estate's superlative olive oil which recently won the "Migliore Olio Extravergine di Oliva - Fruttato Intenso" award in Italy for the best certified quality olive oil in the world. Some of her other superb olive products include olive tapenade, olive jam, delicious black olives in blue-berry vinegar and a range of olive beauty products.

Around the corner from the legendary Kloovenburg, en route to the center of town, stop at the intriguing Cape Francolin Art Hotel. Here owner David Bellamy and his dog Clive, present their hotel as a living work of art. The property is an eccentric mix of cosy accommodation, off-beat installations, various found objects, serious art and formal exhibition space, and the hotel's permanent collection even include works by such esteemed international artists as Damien Hirst, Wolfgang Tillmans and Jean Cocteau. Have a cup of tea in the old barn, beautifully restored as the "Stoep D'amour" or witness artists-in-residence producing their work on site. Various artworks as well as lights, wrought iron sculptures and ceramics are for sale. The hotel also hosts a once-a-month, seven-course supper club influenced by the recipes of legendary South African writer and cook, C. Louis Leipoldt. If you're not around for one of these special evenings, simply buy a jar of "the best home-made strawberry jam in the world".

Opposite the enigmatic Cape Francolin, pop in at the Olive Boutique where they promise the "Ultimate Olive Experience". A wide variety of olives, olive oils and pastes as well as cosmetic products, are available. Or watch the olive press making real olive oil.

Take a turn to the right, a couple of hundred metres down the road from here, and you'll find yourself in the heart of the village. Here you can relax for a cup of coffee at Cafe Oppie Square where delicious breakfasts and other "country fare" like home-made bread, hearty soups, and confectionery is served. An enclosed garden makes it the perfect spot for families with children. For a slightly more formal atmosphere head to the beautiful Cape Victorian homestead of the Kasteelberg Inn. It's beautiful thick walls, wooden floors and fireplace makes it a perfect winter location.

On the way to the neighbouring town of Riebeek Wes, Allesverloren Wine Estate is famous for its full-bodied red wines such as Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barocca, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The estates also produces a legendary Port wine. On the other side of the village, heading towards the nearby hamlet of Hermon, you'll find Riebeek Cellars where a wide variety of locally produced red and white wines are available. Drawing on centuries of Huguenot wine-making tradition, Riebeek cellars produce wines of exceptional quality, catering for a wide market with their range of extremely affordable wines.

Back in the village, L'Attitude pub and restaurant is the perfect location for a lazy afternoon beer or late night drinks. If you stay late enough you might just find yourself partying with a bunch of friendly, eccentric locals. For a quieter option, try the charming Victorian-style pub of The Travelers Rest. Another Riebeek-Kasteel icon is the recently renovated Royal Hotel. This 150-year old establishment now boasts a four star rating as well as a brand new restaurant, pub, conference center and amphitheater.

Whether you're a discerning wine-lover or fanatical about olives, head to Riebeek-Kasteel for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or a day trip of wining, dining and true South African hospitality.

To plan a hassle free trip to Cape Town, use CityGuideSA - a comprehensive online travel resource with up-to-date information on where to Eat, Stay and Play in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and the Garden Route.

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Monaco Grand Prix - Jewel Of The F1 Crown

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No other race in the F1 calendar has the glamour, the history or the incredible atmosphere of Monaco. Unarguably the most attractive location in F1, the race which takes place around Monte Carlo's two mile 'Circuit de Monaco' is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious motor sport races in the world.

Each year, thousands of people descend on the small principality of Monaco, and the luxury hotels that dot the area swell with F1 fans. The race also attracts royalty, Hollywood stars, supermodels and multi-millionaires who all want to see, and been seen at, this prestigious event.

The race takes place along the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, rather than on a purpose built track. The circuit is unique in the F1 world, in that it remains unchanged each year. Taking six weeks to erect, it includes many elevation changes, tight corners and narrow sections, which make it one of the most demanding tracks in F1. Due to the tight, twisting nature of the circuit, the race favours the skill of the driver, rather than the power of the cars, and is therefore regarded as one of the most prestigious races to win.

Much of the attraction of Monaco is down to its stunning setting, reflected by the fact that it is one of Europe's leading tourist resorts. Monaco lies in a narrow coastal strip which is set into the Maritime Alps and runs into the Mediterranean Sea. It's known for its casinos, gambling and glamour and for being the playground of the rich and famous. Indeed, luxury yachts owned by movie stars and European Princes can be seen docked in Monaco harbour,

Organised Monaco Grand Prix tours are available for those who want to experience the pinnacle of F1 luxury. Such tours involve exclusive flights and the best hotels, conveniently located close to the Circuit de Monaco, as well as admission to the race itself. However, if you'd rather watch the race away from the crowds which adorn the length of the track, the Fairmount hotel - situated in the heart of Monaco overlooks the famous hairpin, which is perhaps one of the most iconic corners in the world of motorsport.

It may even be possible to get tickets to the Amber Lounge - one of the world's most exclusive parties, that takes place at the Sea Club. This pool side venue (which is the brainchild of Sonia Irvine, sister of former F1 driver Eddie) has spectacular sea-view chill-out zones, funky dance floors, live music and mouth watering food.

As the jewel in the F1 crown, the Monaco Grand Prix remains one of the world's most spectacular motor sport events, so anyone who is a fan of motor racing, or who just wants to experience the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo, should visit this prestigious race at least once in their lives.

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Slim CD Jewel Cases

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Similar to your standard CD jewel case, the slim CD jewel case proves to be much more convenient in terms of storage and shipping. As the name suggest, this CD jewel case is thinner and thus lighter to carry. This pretty small thing can still serve the same function as the standard CD jewel case such as holding a CD and a small insert or booklet.

The Slim CD jewel case is approximately 5mm in thickness, has a clear façade and a black tray that holds this two parts together. The clear façade is also available in different colors, usually in purple, yellow, orange, red, and green. The different colors allow the user to be able to tag a certain file; thus the CD is still easier to locate.

Manufacturing of the Slim CD jewel case follows the level of conception of the standard CD jewel case. New and pure materials are used to create clean and spotless front covers of the Slim CD jewel case. The black covers, similar to the standard CD jewel case, are made up of recycled materials and other by-products. Remember, new and pure materials produce clear and attractive looking covers making them attractive and, therefore, an instant hit to all CD users. Aside from the clear and clean covers, the thinness of this CD jewel case also makes it stand out among piles and piles of CD jewel cases.

The Slim CD jewel case offers the same protection and storage capabilities as the standard CD jewel case. Do not be fooled by its thinness, as the covers and trays were also created strong and sturdy. This lightweight item is very tough, and it should be since the manufacturers know that what you may place inside the Slim CD jewel case could be the next medical breakthrough in medicine.

So be assured that CDs are always safe and sound inside this Slim CD Jewel Case.

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Buy CD Jewel Cases Online

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Without a doubt, more and more consumers have turned to the Internet to score the best deals on many products. Aside from the convenience that online stores offer -allowing consumers to choose, compare and buy wares from their homes- a lot of businesses also offer the best deals online. Getting the best deals on the Internet entails effort and research. Before buying anything online, consumers must first be aware of the reliability of the companies they anticipate doing business with. They can ask trusted friends and fellow consumers as to what companies are most reliable.

Buying compact jewel cases online is as easy. There are countless websites that sell them. A lot of compact disk jewel cases manufacturers have their own websites where they promote and sell their products. These websites have valuable information about compact disk jewel cases and because they are coming straight from the manufacturer, they offer phenomenal discounts. They can do this because there is no need for a middleman - you buy directly from the company. You will also find great deals when buying compact disk jewel cases from established eBusinesses, since they are in direct contact with manufacturers and are usually well stocked in terms of the goods that they offer.

The specifications of compact disk jewel cases vary depending on the type. The common compact disk jewel cases are now slimmer, and more space saving than the older cases and are only about half the thickness of standard compact disk jewel case. Both types are available online. Online traders selling compact disk jewel cases most often sell these items in bulk. It's hard to find any company online that offers single jewel CD cases. This would be impractical, since shipping alone will set both the merchants and the consumers back. Another important point to consider when buying jewel cases online are the terms of shipping and delivery. Most companies offer free shipping for a minimum purchase. Shipping is ideally fast and secure and most online businesses offer warranties to guarantee safe shipping.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Royal Palace Exemplifies Cambodia's Rich History

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Constructed over a century ago, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was meant to serve as a residence for the king of Cambodia, an administrative office and as a place of accommodation for visiting foreign dignitaries. Today it is the official residence of King Norodom Sihamoni and former King Norodom Sihanouk. The full name of The Royal Palace in Cambodian is Preah Barom Reachea Vaeng Chaktomuk. Kings of Cambodia occupied the palace and it was a symbol of the kingdom and a venue for elaborate court ceremonies until its disruption during the bloody Khmer Rouge regime.

The palace complex is divided into three main sections. Towards the north one can find the Silver Pagoda complex, towards the southwest is the Khemarin Palace and the central compound houses the Throne Hall. Being the most important area of the palace, the Throne Hall was referred to as the seat of judgment, where the king and his generals, ministers and trusted advisors made decisions on the future of the nation. Today it is used for religious and royal ceremonies such as weddings and coronations. The building is cross shaped with three vertical spires, the central spire rises 59 meters and is topped off with the white four faced figure of a Brahma.

The Silver Pagoda served as the temple of the royal family and is known to house many national treasures and historical artifacts such as jewel encrusted Buddha statues. The most eye-catching one being the life size Buddha statue made of crystal and encrusted with more than 9,000 diamonds. Prior to the Khmer Rouge regime the Pagoda was laid with 5,000 silver tiles and some parts were later remodeled with Italian marble.

The Khemarin Palace was the residence of the King and was separated from all other building by a wall; the building is topped off with a single tall spire. The Royal Palace is undoubtedly a treasure of the Far East and the best example of Cambodia's vibrant past. A number of Cambodia hotels are located in this area as it is a popular tourist attraction. Phnom Penh hotels offer comfortable accommodation for travelers that come to explore the mysterious beauty of the palace and other alluring attractions in the area.

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Luxury Cruise Ships of Royal Caribbean (Jewel of the Sea)

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Royal Caribbean launched its first Mega Ship in 2000. The ship itself is a sight to behold. With its offering of Broadway styled show to entertain you and dining that is an absolute thrill. The explorer has restaurants and lounges to numerous to mention, so here are a few highlights.

The main dining room has three levels all connected by a sweeping staircase and each one yet different. Each has a variety of menus to choose from and each one has its own specialties.

Exploring the ship itself is an adventure. It even has an on board Shopping Mall. Accommodations match that of all luxury ships with the Royal Suites that have a separate bedroom with a king sized bed, whirlpool bath, T.V. with surround sound and entertainment center and a private balcony.

The ship has 15 decks with a Wedding Chapel on the top directly atop the Viking Crown Lounge on the Observation Deck the highest point on the ship, and the chapel will accommodate up to 40 people.

Eighty percent of the living quarters on board have panoramic views of the ocean. The ship has a Full Fitness Center, a Spa, and Rock Climbing Wall, 3 Swimming Pools, 6 Dining Rooms, theater and a Lobby that raises 7 stories high.

Suites and Staterooms:

Royal Suite: separate bedrooms, balcony, whirlpool bath, some have Baby Grand Pianos, entertainment center, separate living area, refrigerator, T.V., phone complimentary concierge service and access to a private lounge.

Owners Suite: luxurious separate living area with private balcony and mini bar, whirlpool bath, entertainment center refrigerator, complimentary concierge service, phone, access to a private lounge T.V.

Royal Family Suite: two deluxe bedrooms, two bathrooms a living area with a sofa bed, phone, one bath has whirlpool bath, living area is equipped with same amenities as other suites

Grand Suite: comfortable bedroom and living area, T.V. phone, and entertainment center with a balcony

Junior Suite: comfortable bedroom with a small sitting area, T.V. and phone, and private balcony

Superior Ocean View Balcony Stateroom: luxury stateroom with sitting area, bar private bath T.V. and entertainment center and private balcony vanity area and phone

Deluxe Ocean View: Spectacular view of the sky and sea from a private balcony, small sitting area, private bath, T.V.,


Main Dining Room: for culinary delights

Portofino; Fine Italian food, fresh pasta dishes, seafood wines and desserts

Sea view Café: light meals and snacks

Chops Grille: steaks and seafood

Windjammer Café: casual buffet with lavish setting for breakfast, lunch dinner or snack


For a fun-filled evening check out some of the ships' Hot Spots

Champagne Bar: champagne, fine wines and spirits and canapés

Vortex Lounge: this bar revolves around inside the Viking Crown Lounge

Viking Crown Lounge: located on the Observation Deck and has a full view of the ocean

Fuel: night club open until 2a.m.

Rebecca Robbins offers travel tips onLuxury Cruise Ships Luxury Cruise Ships on her blog at

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Friday, February 06, 2009

SSS Online Inquiry Down

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It's been almost 3 years now since the ending of jewel in the palace which was aired by the GMA7. And I just don't have idea what to write here now. So I think, I can just write anything here.

Regarding the SSS Online Inquiry system of the Social Security System of the Philippines, well, it's now always down. The last time I access the site was on August 2008 and since then the site is always down.

here's few of the stories related to that:
  1. SSS Online Inquiry by Kawebspy
  2. SSS.Gov.Ph Online Inquiry
  3. SSS Online
  4. Naked Pinoy and the SSS Online Inquiry

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