Monday, August 15, 2011

Pinay Scandal

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The Pinay Scandal campaign has been successful for few years already. A lot of bloggers' post about it are in the top pages of the search engine result pages, especially that of Google.

Now, there has been rumors that the initiator of the campaign is calling his followers to delete their Pinay Scandal posts.

Well, the Pinay Scandal campaign was started to wage war against those webmasters who are selling adult materials featuring Filipinas. Filipina is actually a slang term used to call women in the Philippines.

Now, after hundreds of bloggers joined the campaign, some benefited from it by getting traffic from those who are looking for scandalous materials.

But take note that those who are accepted in the campaign are those blogposts which are clean and for general audiences. Those who are giving links to real adult websites are rejected in the campaign.

They said that one of the participants were penalized by Google because of his post about the campaign.

But do they really know the real cause of it?

I have a friend who participated the campaign and whose blog was penalized by Google. I checked its content and I found out that it should be penalized because the way it is written seems promoting the real scandalous materials.

So, how can we avoid the penalty of Google? Simple. Just revise your content into a kind that general audience can read it. Don't talk about the scandalous act. Don't even give links to real adult websites.

In that way, you can gain from the Pinay Scandal traffic and at the same time avoids the penalty from Google.

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